"Sarah’s story is one that would speak to many of us." #Kindle #BookReview

Letters to Juniper

by Peggy Tibbetts

Genre: Young Adult

Book Synopsis

A gripping account of life inside a Separatist compound during an FBI standoff, from a 12-year old girl’s perspective. Sarah Smith remembers when she was six years old her mother died and she moved to northern Idaho with her brother and father. Their lives changed drastically. The only vivid memory she has of her early childhood is her best friend Juniper Holland.

In her letters to Juniper, Sarah reveals her innermost thoughts and feelings about her reclusive life with three younger brothers under the rigid oppression of her father and stepmother who call themselves Separatists. Their lives are turned upside down by an FBI investigation into her father’s association with members of the Aryan Nation. As the tension and violence escalate, Sarah faces life and death decisions in order to survive.

Bec's Rating

Bec's Review

This book is classed as young adult or middle school fiction since the main character and the language is that of a 12 year old; however I found myself really enjoying it, especially the twist at the end. The letter format made it an easy and quick read, with each letter giving the right amount of information to feel involved in Sarah’s life, and to begin to feel for her for being forced to live such a life.

Sarah is a very vocal main character, which you’d expect since you, the reader, are reading her letters to a childhood friend. As such you really get a feel for not only her, but the others who live secluded with her, and the trials she is going through due to the situation her family is in. And while most of those trials are suitable for 12 year olds (the same age as Sarah), there are some bits towards the end which make this book one the parents should read first before handing it over. Though trust me, parents, you’ll probably enjoy this book as well.

If letter format books are not for you, or you don’t particularly want to read a book from the point of view from a 12 year old then give this one a miss. Otherwise I would recommend you pick it up, whether you are around Sarah’s age, or closer to the age of her parents. While the language is that of a 12 year old, Sarah’s story is one that would speak to many of us, and us older readers are more likely to correctly guess the final twist that I mentioned.

Disclaimer: While this book is aimed at 12 year olds and above, there are some (violent) scenes where parental guidance may be recommended before reading.