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Her blog pertains to writing and books. She also blogs about her writing journey while writing her first book. She just recently started to promote her blog to open it up to readers/writers as a place we can share idea's and help one another. She's currently in the process of editing her first book as well as writing two other ones. She often posts on topics to help writers get the help they need and answers to their questions.

A Sampling of Her Blog

2012 New Year

I know that I haven't been as active as I'd like to be on this blog. Well, in the coming New Year.... I have several things planned for my Writing Blog. First, I'll be connecting my main blog (that deals with life) with this one. Anytime I do a review on a book, I'll post it here so they are easy to find.

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One thing that I like to do is find a picture of what I envisioned my characters to look like. As I was searching today, I found two perfect pictures.

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The Circle of Sorcerers: Mages of Bloodmyr: Book #1

The Circle of Sorcerers takes you on an unexpected journey with it's main character- Laedron Telpist. Laedron is a Sorcerer in the making. During his training, an unexpected event forces him to learn faster then he expects. He finds some great friends and they all go into a journey to fighting. In this world, Priests and Mages go into battle for power. Laedron and his friends are put right in the middle of this battle shortly after leaving home.

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