"What a great beach read!" Dirty Little Secret by @Willow_Writing #romance

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Dirty Little Secret

Written by Willow Sanders

Genre: Romance, Chick Lit, Contemporary

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Hillary hadn't meant to sleep with Bert "DJ XTC" Morder. She blamed the lack of public bathrooms, and one too many Jaeger bombs for her even contacting DJ XTC in the first place.

Now, thanks to the Internet, and the unfortunate incident of the studio live stream, all of Chicago was wondering exactly who the girl with the red-soled shoe had been. How long can she keep her identity a secret, and what will happen once her secret is out?

Suggested for readers 18+ for mild romantic situations.

An excerpt from

Dirty Little Secret


Here's what

Fans are saying

What a great beach read!

The characters were believable and I found myself crushing on the main man. (And blushing a few times, too.)

You should definitely check this out as a nice, fun, light-hearted read while hanging poolside this summer.

Cute, fun read from a new author... I liked it :)
— Melinda

Author Bio

Willow Sanders

Most of these are always written in third person, as if the author isn't the one actually writing them. So, I'm going to be a rule-breaker and write it in first person instead.

I'm a native Chicagoan, vegetarian, and lover of big words. I randomly burst out into song, and have been known to carry on entire conversations (with those worthy of the challenge) in song lyrics. The same can also be said for movie quotes.

I'm quirky, sarcastic, I've been told at times I can be a bit esoteric, but overall I'd rather be dancing in the rain than waiting for the storm to pass.