"Humorous and thought provoking" The Sum of Our Gods by @teachergorman

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The Sum of 

Our Gods

Written by Benjamin Gorman

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Literary Fiction

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Joe has been cursed. He must meet with Yahweh, the Creator, once a week for coffee and listen to God complain. Yahweh is a crotchety old deity with a pantheon of family problems. His wife, Frigga, has basically stopped talking to Him, except to keep nagging Him about retiring.

His son, Jesus, suffers from crippling depression. Jesus’ estranged wife is plotting a terrorist attack to try to start a holy war. God is fed up with all the drama. He's perfectly tired and infinitely irritable.

Though God doesn’t seem to care about human problems, Joe’s little, mortal life isn’t perfect, either. In fact, it's a comedy as black as God’s coffee.

An excerpt from

The Sum of 

Our Gods


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Fans are saying

Humorous and thought provoking, I would recommend to all of my friends.

This book manages to put into words what I have seen and thought everyday (in a much more entertaining and thoughtful way than I could ever manage).

Well written and worthy read.

Fun and quirky, the tale speaks about the serious side of the human condition and our modern world.

Author Bio

Benjamin Gorman

Benjamin Gorman teaches high school English in Independence, Oregon, where he lives with his beautiful, smart, and infinitely patient wife, Paige, and their essentially perfect son, Noah.