Descendant of a noble House. The Sorcerer's Daughter by @FARfetched58 #bookreview

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The Sorcerer's Daughter

Accidental Sorcerers

Written by Larry Kollar

Genre: Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery

As Bailar and his apprentices help the Conclave prepare for conflict with the rogue sorcerers, Sura learns that she is a descendant of a noble House in the Alliance. But when she discovers the price of her history, it may be too late.

This is the third book in the Accidental Sorcerers series. The preceding books are:
  1. Accidental Sorcerers
  2. Water and Chaos
As one reviewer has pointed out, this is Sura's story. As an infant, she was left on Bailar's doorstep, and he raised her as his own daughter. In The Sorcerer's Daughter, the history that Sura has longed for finds her--but at what cost?
News: Thanks to all who voted for The Sorcerer's Daughter in the Masquerade Crew's February 2014 "Cover Wars" - it won! Props to Angela Kulig for doing such a great job on the cover!

Devorah's Review

I had not read other stories in this series when I began this one. I did feel a little at sea being unfamiliar with what had gone before. A series writer myself, I can empathize with the challenge of cluing new readers in to the backstory while not boring the series’ fans with information they already have.

At first I thought that I wasn’t going to like the book. With two youthful sorcerer apprentices at a training camp of sorts I wondered if this was going to turn out to be derivative of Harry Potter.

However, I grew to like Sura, the female of the young pair, who proves to be feisty, quick-witted, true to her values, loyal to her soulmate and not the least bit stymied by palace intrigue. I enjoyed the chemistry between her and Mik. So after what for me was a bit of a rough start getting into the story, I enjoyed the rest of the read.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.