Tea and Conversation 01: Why fantasy? Reposted from @toithomas

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Today in my meditation on the Eternal Curse, I’m writing about: Why fantasy?

I did not set out to become a writer, but when I realized it was a part of who I am, it just felt right. I had no idea that I’d ever need to be concerned about the way or style of my writing and definitely not the genre in which I write.  I believe that there may be a memoir inside me somewhere, but for now I’m sticking with fiction. I like fiction for so many reasons, but mainly because it removes all limitations. Anything can happen in fiction!
When I started writing Eternal Curse, there was no doubt that it was going to be a fantasy story; as I’ve learned it’s more specifically an urban fantasy/ paranormal romance. Again I never set out to become a fantasy writer. This story put itself together, I was just there to record it. Don’t get me wrong, I love fantasy and will probably write more of it, but it’s not “my” genre.
I don’t like kidding myself one bit. I’ll probably never write a great comedic story, even though I very much enjoy comedy, it’s just not in my writing mentality. I will, however, dabble in sci-fi, romance, mystery, contemporary fiction, and more.
With a story like Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel and the sequels to come, limitless possibilities are just the beginning. In the world of fantasy, you get to make the impossible possible and make any dream or nightmare a reality.
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