Blogger Banter #21: @NicoleMHewitt from Feed Your Fiction Addiction!

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The art of gossiping, gabbing and chatting with awesome book bloggers!

Today, I'm featuring the cake-lovin', Ridge from Maybe Someday-fangirlin', bloggin' with the kiddies every chance she gets, NICOLE from FEED YOUR FICTION ADDICTION! 

Thanks for stopping by! Let the Banter begin!

Nicole's favorite books are Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover (LOVE IT!) and These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman.


GFC: 590
Bloglovin’: 1867
Twitter: 1474
Facebook: 2335


Blogging Since? 2013

Lives in? US

Solo (blogger), duo, trio...? Solo

Print or eBooks? Both!

Average number of books read a month?19

Favorite Genre? Fantasy or Paranormal

Book Boyfriend? Currently Ridge from Maybe Someday

Rating System? Stars

Feed Your Fiction Addiction


What was the very first post you ever made on Feed Your Fiction Addiction

A very short, general welcome post.

First book review: Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead

Where is your favorite place to read? Cookies, cake, or carrots while reading? 

Out on the deck or in bed.  I’d always choose cake – reading or not. Me too!

If Feed Your Fiction Addiction had a theme song, what would it be? 

"Happy Together" by The Turtles (Because books and I are so happy together!!) 

This song is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of my life now, lol. Great choice.

So you also have a site where you review children's books, called Best Kids' Reads. What gave you the idea to start this site and how cool is it to review books with your children?

I just really enjoy reading books along with my kids and thought it would be great to spread the word about all the great books we read together.  I’m not nearly as active on that blog, but recently my kids have decided to do some reviewing on their own and they’re putting up posts!

I saw! And I thought it was the cutest thing! I wish more kids did that :)

Tell us about your experience at BEA 2014. Was it as awesome as it looked? Who did you meet and what books did you collect?

BEA was AMAZING, mostly because of all the fantastic bloggers I got to meet!  There are WAY too many to list here, but check out my blog for my BEA recaps to hear all about it.  Of course, I also got to meet lots of amazing authors – some of my favorites were Julie Kagawa, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Kiera Cass, Kresley Cole and A.G. Howard.  I think I brought back around 75 books in all (including Middle Grade books that I plan to read with my kids).

WOW! That sounds like so much fun and I'm kicking myself for missing it. But next year, I'm there!

 What is the BEST thing about being a book blogger? The WORST?

The best thing is definitely being a part of the blogger community and talking books with other people who are as obsessed with them as I am.  The worst thing is how much time it takes (just ask my husband!).

Yes, there really isn't enough TIME in the world for this blogging stuff, is there? But I totally agree about the blogging community. It's awesome!

If you were a Disney Princess, name an actress to play your evil stepmother. Because all princesses have an evil stepmother, right?

Lena Dunham – I love her, but she seems like a perfect evil stepmother type.

Or the evil stepsister.

Thanks, Nicole!


Next week I'll be interviewing Stephanie from Curling Up By the Fire! See you then!