July's good to go. Time to sign up for August's Cover Wars & Scavenger Hunt!

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The Cover Wars Scavenger Hunt campaign has quickly become one of the most supported features of this blog. To all the authors who have bought a spot and to all the participants, I say thank you. (But please excuse us because of our growing pains.)

July's not going to be as big as June, but I think it's time to cut off sign ups and start accepting payment for August. But there is still a way to get into the July campaign.

Because there are so many books involved, we will once again have more than one scavenger hunt. It worked out pretty well for the June campaign. The problem with July is that one or two of the genres don't have enough books. I could combine those, but the genres in question don't even mix well. Not the same kind of readers, in other words.

I won't tell you which genres we are looking for. What I'll do is pull a few Giveaway books from the August sign ups and put them in July—that's the $20 package. And, to give you a little extra incentive for signing up at this late hour (or early hour for August), anyone I pick for July will get a free Cover Wars spot in August. Not Scavenger Hunt Giveaway, just Cover Wars.

A Word of Warning!

I had to deal with a nasty situation at the beginning of June. Because I didn't post the Scavenger Hunt by the first day of the month, an agent of an author (not even the author him/herself) cut off payment by complaining to Paypal.

No where on this site do I say that everything will be up by the first day of the month. The closest phrase that might cause some confusion is the fact that this campaign 'runs all month.' However, even when I'm on time posting the campaign, not everything is out on the first day of the month.

And if for some reason I am delayed in getting things out, I always extend the campaign into the following month. When I had to delay the April campaign by two weeks, I extended it to the end of May. You will get what you pay for.

Anyway, back to the situation from June. Cover Wars was out on the first, and I started posting the hunts the following day—just not first thing the following day. Either the author or the agent or both were impatient. When they refused to listen to reason, I escalated the complaint myself to a full fledged Paypal investigation. I will not be bullied.

This is the second time this sort of complaint has gone this far, and I did not back down either time. Eventually the author backs down either because they realize I did not wrong them or they are simply tired of fighting it. In either case I fulfilled what I said I was going to do.

So, don't rush to Paypal when you think I have wronged you. Email me and ask about what's going on. I may have a very good reason why I'm dragging my heels. And if I don't, I will make it right.

Anyway, moving on from that tangent.

If you'd like to purchase a spot for the August Cover Wars Scavenger Hunt campaign (and maybe get into July), click HERE.