Have you voted in June's Cover Wars?

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The book in the lead has always been in the lead. I won't call it just yet, but I would be surprised if a different cover won, but it's always possible. I've seen it happen before.

When you vote, will you be helping that book or another? That's the fun of Cover Wars.

Check out the relative standings of the books.

I know it's tough to pick your favorite 10, but as was pointed out to me by a fan: you don't have to vote for 10 if you can't find that many you like. Think only 5 are worth a vote? That's cool.

The trouble only starts if there's more than 10 covers you like.

But all is not lost. You can vote each day, so you may spread the love however you like. (The voting poll is at the bottom of this post.)

And the returning champion from the April/May edition

The following poll lists the books 
in alphabetical order as are the books above. 
except for the winner from last month, of course.