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Bleu Moon

Written by Caroline Clemens

Genre: Romance

This beautiful and compelling story of family and love is surrounded by mystery and intrigue. The blue moon which occurs so infrequently is a picturesque ride to behold by honor and grace as the magnitude of the mission rests upon their shoulders.

Olivier continues his Special Forces involvement as he and Brie unite and find out how families come together in a crisis.

Do you love Paris? Bleu Moon , the second novel in this duet will take you on a trip through the French countryside and beyond, then back to the streets of Paris with adventure in the city of light and love.

Abha C.'s Review

Bleu Moon is based in and around Paris. It is really Brie’s story. She is a cancer survivor that hasn't given up on life. She finds true love with Olivier. This is also Darlene’s story; she is looking for her son. I usually like a book with several characters and several story lines progressing simultaneously however, this one didn't do it for me. The transitions from one story line to the next were choppy and difficult to follow. I also struggled with the characters themselves. The only characters that were mostly developed were that of Brie and Olivier.

The plot was intriguing and the book could have gone in so many directions. I just wish the author had put in a little more time developing the characters. Some more background description would have also made this a great read. Overall this was an average book for me.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.