Over 3,000 votes. Which are your favorite book covers?

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Several people have commented that we had too many books this time around. It's too hard to vote. There's not much we can do to solve that this month. However, in the future we will probably have more than one Cover Wars just like we had more than one Scavenger Hunt this month.

Despite the difficulty with the number of books, there are more than 3,000 votes with a week to go. Can we hit 4,000 votes? That's up to you.

To make the covers stand out even more, I've increased the size in this post. If it's too large, making the selection process too cumbersome for you, try out this previous post. The voting at the bottom of the post is the same.

And the returning champion from the April/May edition

The following poll lists the books 
in alphabetical order as are the books above. 
except for the winner from last month, of course.