Two fur babies, yoga pants. #Interview with @TaraSosaAuthor

Tara Sosa
Author of 
Changed Beauty

Interview # 1 (of 2)

Tell us about yourself.

As an author you would think it would be easy to sit here and type up a few things about myself, but I started and stopped a dozen times! I will say that I love to write, I love to read, and I love my family! And the summer, my birthday, and Christmas ... I love those too!

Cat person, dog person or 'other'? Details please.

I am a HUGE cat person! I have two of them - and fun fact - each of them make an appearance in the first two books of my series. Samantha (my first fur-baby) is the name of my main character in my first book, Unexpected Beauty, and Berry (my second fur-baby) is a name I gave to one of the places that plays a significant role in my main character's lives in my second book, Chaotic Beauty.

If you could only wear one outfit the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Simple. Yoga pants and a tank top. Since it is my go-to outfit for writing, and I plan on doing that - hopefully for the rest of my life - I am going with comfy.

What's your ideal evening? (What do you do when the sun goes down?)

After putting in a solid day of writing or editing, I love nothing more than to spend an evening and night reading.