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There’s No Such Thing as an Original Idea: Creativity and Borrowed Plots

by @BookwyrmsHoard

Almost any plot line you can come up with has been done before. So how do you make a story original, fresh, and interesting? By bringing to it your own unique perspective, your own voice, your own twists.

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How to Quickly Become a More Productive (and better) Writer

by @estherfink1

3 ways to become a productive writer and eliminate resistance

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Getting the Most out of Your Critique Group

by @color_mage

A critique group is a tremendous help, especially for beginning writers. But once you’ve found a group you think will work for you, how do you make the most of the experience?

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The day begins

by @jopenn2015

Writing :) What time I begin writing, where and how I enjoy it and bring my characters to life

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