The tragic end and the wild start of this international spy romance... Read this action thriller by @THESILENTCATS

Series: Silent Cats #1
Genre: Action Thriller, Spy Romance
Published: October 19, 2015
Formats Available: Kindle & Print (INT)

A woman and her two daughters are killed in a car bombing in Tel Aviv. The woman, Kat, a sophisticated academic, is also a Mossad assassin of nearly twenty years. Her husband, Pantera, identifies the bodies of his wife and children, swearing vengeance. Reaching as far back as 1989, to their meeting in Rome at a U.S. Embassy New Year's Eve ball, Deadly Dance starts the story of their relationship in the onion-layered world of covert operatives. Of necessity theirs is an encounter beset by lies wrapped in half-truths, concealed in shadowy realities. Kat and Pantera maneuver through action-packed covert operations, romantic encounters, torture and acrobatic combat, all while coming to grips about who they're hunting and who is hunting them.

Deadly Dance is based on the life of the youngest Kidon Katsa agent in the history of Mossad and her husband, the fabled Chief Black Site Interrogator, who worked under such special access programs as the Operation Copper Green (created under Donald Rumsfeld), the United Nations Security Council - Special Operations Group (UN-SOG), and Task Forces 88 and 121.

After spending the first ten years of his career with a US-based intelligence agency, Mr. Wallace went on to work for foreign intelligence agencies, law firms, political figures, royals, sovereigns and private corporations for the next twenty years. 

He is considered one of the top corporate infiltrators in the world. 

Mr. Wallace holds Bachelors' degrees in Mammalian Physiology and Environmental Chemistry, a Master's degree in Physiology/Nutrition and an MBA in Finance. Currently the widower resides in San Diego, California, with his Welsh Border Collie -- "Kelly." This is his first novel.

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