Angels and demons; Heaven and Hell; good versus evil... Read this YA dark fantasy by @TLWeatherall

Series: The Incarnations of Joe, Book One
Genre: Young Adult, Dark Fantasy
Published: July 13, 2015
Formats Available: All Digital

Death has come to the woods surrounding an isolated northern mining town. It is the night of Christmas 1960, and what Joe Magister is about to encounter on the road will leave him forever changed and bring him face to face with his true heritage. What he will come to learn is that no truth is as simple as what is taught in church. Angels and demons; Heaven and Hell; good versus evil—none of it is as it seems. And when a marriage of old souls is put asunder there are consequences that must be paid.

Born in Collingwood Ontario Canada. Grew up on a family farm where he cultivated both his families crops, and his imagination. Passionate about life, friends, family, animals and writing.

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