Help us out on Facebook. Masquerade Crew Weekly Newsletter - January 7th

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Greetings Book Club Members,

The first thing on this week's agenda is Facebook. Though we have a presence on Facebook, we'd love to have a greater reach. With the way Facebook limits who sees posts in order to strong arm people to pay for ads, it's no wonder few people even see our posts. However, there's several things we can do.

1. We can pay for ads. I may pay for ads at some point, but not for the basic run-of-the-mill post. That's just ludicrous.

2. People can subscribe to our feed. If you like our site and don't want to miss a post, get our posts as notifications. Hover over the LIKE button on our page and click Get Notifications. We typically send out just one status per post (I did screw up a few weeks ago and sent out several, but that was a mistake)

3. Help us by sharing posts that you do see ... and like, of course. That tells the Facebook algorithm to share the post with even more people, so you are helping more than just your personal contacts.

4. The same goes for likes and comments. More engagement means more people will see it. It's an ingenious system, though annoying at the same time.

5. Encourage your friends to like our page. Right of the LIKE button is a share button. Tell your friends about us. It doesn't show in the above pic because I am an administrator. It's right next to the FOLLOWING button and to the left of the button with the three dots.

6. Speaking of sharing, check out this photo status. Leave us a comment and share if you feel so inclined. It's all appreciated.

7. Would you like to have a discussion each week on our Facebook page? If so, I could give the link in each week's newsletter. The question this week is the above one, of course. Check it out HERE. Let us know what you think.

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This week's books have been filed under the following keywords: Action, Coming of Age, Contemporary, Cozy, Crime, Dark, Dystopia, Epic, Literary, Magic, Murder, Novella, Strong Female Character, Thriller/Suspense, Witty, and Young Adult.