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Bringer of Light

Book One of the Bringer Trilogy

By J.R. Boles

Genre: Fantasy, Epic, Strong Female Character, Sword & Sorcery

Lynden Trenadin is a warrior and queen’s champion in the Arten castle army. Facing an impossible fight against an immortal enemy, Lynden turns the tide of battle by tapping into a forbidden reserve of magic that she didn’t even know she possessed. 

Though her actions leave the queen victorious, she is exiled for her use of magic. Lynden faces a difficult journey of self-discovery filled with battles as she begins the long road back to redemption and takes up the cause of the queen who forsook her. Now on the run, Lynden must raise a rebellion to free her country from the tyranny of the enemy she thought she’d destroyed. 

A band of loyalists and an enclave of ancient mages aid her in her efforts, but with a dark mage bent on her destruction, Lynden must discover a way to harness her new magic before it is too late.

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