We're having a fundraiser for our upcoming time travel anthology series. Care to help?

OK, this idea is slightly complicated, but I'll try to make it as simple as possible. I need money to make our upcoming anthology release successful, but I hate the idea of asking for money at a total risk to you. So, I don't want to do straight donations. I want you to get something for your money, a guaranteed payout and possibly enough of a payout that it's worth more than the money you spend.

Let's have a fundraiser

Here's how it's going to work.

You purchase a $25 fundraiser package. To make it risk free, you get $25 worth of service on this site, which most of the time will probably be 2 posts (a promo and an excerpt) and long-term Twitter marketing to promote those posts. (Unless you want something else) Obviously, this offer is geared toward authors. If a non-author has a way for me to pay them back without spending money, I'm all ears.

I'll take what's left of the $25 after Paypal fees and gift copies of our anthology via Amazon.com. These copies will hopefully help us hit and stay on the best seller lists.

More than just Risk Free

Here's part of the offer that will make it hard to refuse. In addition to the $25 worth of service on this site, you'll also have a stake in our publishing venture. I've set aside 25% of our royalties to go to a marketing fund/budget. I'm willing to lower the marketing portion to 15%, leaving 10% to play with. If there are enough investors, I'll use the 10% to pay these investors, which should encourage every author who sees this to help us raise money.

There is a caveat to this portion. I won't set aside the 10% unless there are enough investors. If there's only one or two, I'll give them their promotion on the site and possibly an Amazon gift card later on once we see some sales. After that, the program will cease. If there are enough investors, though, giving me plenty of marketing money to use, I'll set aside the 10% and the investors over time may make a little bit.

It probably won't ever be enough to call it an income, but if you support us, I'll support you.

One small disclaimer

Because I will still be offering regular advertising, I'll have other clients interested in promotion on this site. They will come first, which means if there are enough people interested in this "investment" opportunity, there could be a waiting list for the promotion. I'm usually pretty good at getting one post out, but even with my normal clientele, the second post or long-term Twitter marketing takes a while to engage. It all depends on my schedule.

This will be ever more so for the investors. But remember: I won't be paid a penny for promoting you on this site. All of the money goes to our publishing venture. I have a stake in that—true—but I take the same risk as the writers or editors. We may or may not make money in the long run. Time will tell.

If you are interested in this kind of promotion and in helping everyone involved in our publishing venture, please purchase below.

$25 worth of promotion
(money used to fund our publishing venture)