"I couldn't wait for deWolfe's newest western." Scoundrel For Hire by @AdriennedeWolfe #romance

Scoundrel for Hire

(Velvet Lies, Book 1)

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by Adrienne deWolfe

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Raphael Jones is a Kentucky-born scoundrel, who has never played by the rules. When Colorado mining heiress, Silver Nichols, hires him to stop her precious daddy from marrying a golddigger, Rafe sets out to seduce Silver and win her fortune.

But beneath Silver's cool veneer, Rafe encounters a sweet vulnerability and an aching secret that threatens to send his whole world up in smoke.

Now the wily scoundrel must choose: walk away or wager the one thing he can't afford to lose—his heart.

Here's what fans had to say

SCOUNDREL FOR HIRE is a humorous western romance that will enchant sub-genre fans into seeking other works by the talented Adrienne de Wolfe (see TEXAS OUTLAW and TEXAS WILDCAT). The story line is entertaining due to the wickedly witty exchanges between characters, including a ghost. Silver is a delightful lead female protagonist, but the book belongs to that rapscallion, Rafe, robber of readers, hearts. This is another winner for Adrienne de Wolfe.

I was especially taken with the excellent characterization of the male protagonist Rafe. One moment he touches you with his sensitive vulnerability, the next, he has you chuckling at his mischief. He is an intriguing mix of boy and rake. My favorite scene is the gripping scene at the beginning of the book, which takes place at a graveyard, where Rafe confronts his older brother Michael. My next favorite, a séance in which Rafe's pet otter creates havoc. An entertaining read, with suspense rolled in.

I loved this book. Well-developed characters, realistic reactions, and a cunning plot without using the all-too common standby in romantic novels of the 'forced marriage'. The villains range from mere traitors, backstabbers (or backshooters; this is, remember, the old west), a rapist... Plenty of despicable people against whom Rafe can shine as truly heroic.

Adrienne deWolfe never ceases to delight, and this book is no exception! Her spunky heroine's and sexy heroes offer an exciting read every time. The subtle levels and dimensions deWolfe gives her stories and her characters are an added bonus to an entertaining tale. She is a true storyteller for anyone who enjoys something above the ordinary. Scoundrel For Hire is a treasure!

Adrienne truly has a gift with characters - they have personality! not to mention that they feel "real" - and they have interesting pets too! This story moves off the page smoothly and easily and you can imagine these folks standing in your living room! Thanks for a most wonderful tale!

I couldn't wait for deWolfe's newest western - and I wasn't disappointed! "Scoundrel for Hire" made me laugh out loud. It's clear deWolfe loves a good parody. Her spoof of "The Scarlet Pimpernel" in the party scene was hilarious. I especially loved all the shenanigans with Fred and Fiona and of course, with Tavy! If that web-footed rascal doesn't steal your heart, nothing will. Adrienne deWolfe knows how to write a great book, and she keeps getting better. SCOUNDREL FOR HIRE is definitely going on my keeper shelf, along with Texas Outlaw, Texas Lover, and Texas Wildcat!