More #fantasy books available for review. Anything stand out?

We received more fantasy book review requests than we can manage ourselves, so if you would like to read and review any of the following books, simply join our review crew and the book is yours. (Form at the bottom of the page) Since we don't have reading minimums, there's little risk in joining.

If you pick a book and are able read and review it in the next few weeks, your review will be up on the site as part of Fantasy Month (which is July).

Book covers link to Amazon

Lightfall (When Dragons Die)

Monster Skin (A Spooky Bonsai Mystery)


Summoned (The Elemental)

Sword and Chant

The Chosen (Zincian Legend)

To expedite the process, let DeeJay know which book you are interested in using the comment field in the following form.