"I highly recommend this book for any lover of science fiction."

The Anarchists

by Brian Thompson

Genre: Science Fiction

Book Synopsis

After a failed coup, a revolutionary named Noor is exiled and sentenced to die as a lowly earthling. Vowing to rule earth, but separated from his lieutenants, he is forced to use human beings instead.

In the year 2050, tragedy strikes. Harper Lowe loses her son’s father to a last-minute decision. A drunk Damario Coley is maimed in a freak accident. Quinne Ruiz is assaulted and arrested, and Teanna Kirkwood witnesses the death of her daughter.

Weeks later, the alluring Kareza Noor, CEO of the Genesis Institute, pilots a psychological experiment, the “Begin Again” initiative. It affords Harper, Damario, Quinne and Teanna the opportunity to erase a past regret. One of them must be forced into it.

All solve their former problems but create new ones. Noor, now the Prime Minister of Italy, is plotting a dangerous end-game – if they try to stop him, they will be treated as terrorists.

Mark's Rating

Mark's Review

Brian used a much more detailed synopsis for his book review request than the one I used above, which is from Amazon. I'm glad I didn't read the entire detailed synopsis. It made the reading that much better. I'm the type of reader that would like to know just enough about a book or movie before going to read it or see it. Sometimes, though, a preview gives away too much, which threatens to ruin the experience for me. I don't think that would have been the case here, but not knowing where the story was headed made the experience very satisfying.

Brain got a little nervous when I told him that the prologue and first chapter(s) didn't make sense together. The flow of the story jumped after the prologue. Don't take that as a bad sign, though. I wanted to see how he would tie it back in. In fact, it wasn't until I approached the half-way mark that I began to understand what was going on.

For the first half of the story, I was wondering about the prologue and how the story of these various characters was going to tie in, and in the second half, I was curious about the ending, how the characters were going to resolve it. Based upon my knowledge of this sub-genre of Science Fiction, which I won't reveal here, the ending wasn't exactly unorthodox; it simply wasn't the one I was expecting, which was a nice change.

I highly recommend this book for any lover of science fiction. The writing was detailed, but not so much as to bog you down. In fact, I think the details were extremely well chosen. It seemed like I was in that future world, without having to read all the minute details that an author could have chosen to include.

As a final note, there was another side effect of not reading the synopsis in full: I didn't completely grasp the meaning of the title until the epilogue. Once again not a bad thing. In fact, it allowed me to have an "AHA" moment in the final pages, which is always nice.

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for children due to violence.