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In their own words:

We’re two semi-young women (o.k., young at heart) working on screenplays, theatrical plays and books in between snacking, distracting ourselves and working regular jobs. If there's a glass of wine and a snack, we are there, usually putting off finishing some writing, and we promise we do eventually finish some things...especially if it's a huge bowl of popcorn.

A Sampling of Their Blog

The Perfect Blog

We have some time to hang out, we're eating a lavash wrap made with sliced gouda cheese, arugula and turkey, yum. It's the perfect sandwich wrap. Which goes perfectly with Lifetime's Perfect Sunday marathon. We're watching The Perfect Roommate and it's perfect.

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Youthful Translator

We're working on our screenplay. Finally. And we found a phrase that someone pointed out we might be old school. Like we're old and the phrase shows how old we are. But our characters are young, so we need updated language. We need a youthful translator.

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We Have No Logline

We don't have a logline. It's like getting caught with your pants down. Or having a dream where you're naked and you're the only one that notices. That's what it's like to be a screenwriter with a screenplay and no logline.

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