Will Mitch survive the anniversary of his predecessor's death? Find out and review this humorous, paranormal mystery by @MarianAllen

Genre: YA Paranormal Mystery
Published: October 14, 2014
Formats Available: Kindle, ePub and PDF

"It was 1968. Like a lot of seventeen-year-old males that summer, I was thinking about death. Not Bobby Kennedy's or Martin Luther King's. I was contemplating my own. I could feel my eighteenth birthday looming and I had to wonder if I'd spend my nineteenth in Vietnam, in Canada, in jail, or in the Great Hereafter. It was nearly the last mentioned, and not at the hands of the VC, either. I came this close to having my goozle slit right here at home in good old nothing-ever-happens Faelin, Indiana."

Mitch Franklin thinks he's got it made when the town's wealthiest eccentric hires him to look after her two lapdogs. Then he meets her family. Five years ago, the last guy she hired played head games the family and servants are still trying to recover from. He also wound up dead. Now, some people think Mitch might be just like him. Some people think Mitch might BE him, back from the grave. Will Mitch survive the anniversary of his predecessor's death, or will he be another DEAD GUY AT THE SUMMERHOUSE?

For as long as I can remember, I've loved telling and soaking up stories. At the age of six, I was told somebody got paid for writing books and movies and television shows; I abandoned my previous ambition (beachcomber), and became a writer.

I've had stories in anthologies, on-line and print publications, including Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword & Sorceress anthologies 22 and 23, on coffee cans, and the wall of an Indian restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.

Small town life agrees with me. I like the interconnectedness of everything and everybody. I try to remember, in my books and stories, that no one exists in isolation, but in a web of connections.

Most of my work is fantasy, science fiction and/or mystery, though I write anything else that suits the story and character.

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