October Cover Wars: Round One. Vote Every Day!

October: Round One

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There are 28 books, and you may vote for up to 25 of them...

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Yes, each and every day!

50! The Life, Loves & Psyche of a Male Mid-Life Crisis ..

by Cory Y. Standby

Twitter: @coryystandby

A Ghostly Affair

by Pat Amsden

Twitter: @PatAmsden

According to Plan

by Sue Barr

Twitter: @SBarrAuthor


by Lee French

Twitter: @AuthorLeeFrench

An Italian Adventure

by Gaia B. Amman

Twitter: @gaiabamman

Blue Violet

by Abigail Owen

Twitter: @AOwenBooks

Dangerous Times

by Phillip Frey

Twitter: @phillipkafka


by Tamara Grantham

Twitter: @TCGrantham

Eve's Rescue

by Sarah Marsh

Twitter: @SM_fiction


by Marc Nash

Twitter: @21stCscribe

Falaha's Journey

by Jeno Marz

Twitter: @JenoMarz

Hidden in the Stars

by Sadie Grubor

Twitter: @sadiegrubor

Immortal Eclipse

by Sherry Soule

Twitter: @SherrySoule

Inside Out

by Jack Kearney

Twitter: @insideoutauthor

Jane the Hippie Vampire

by Lisa Lane

Twitter: @LeighMLane

Joy to the Worlds

by Maia Chance, Janine A. Southard, Raven Oak, & G. Clemans

Twitter: @raven_oak


by Cynthia D. Toliver

Twitter: @ctoliver58

Suspended Game

by Roz Lee

Twitter: @Iwriteromance

The Broken Road

by K.S. Ruff

Twitter: @KS_Ruff

The Geneva Project - Lies

by Christina Benjamin

Twitter: @AuthorCBenjamin

The Great Time Lock Disaster

by C. Lee McKenzie

Twitter: @cleemckenzie

The Incarnations of Joe

by Timothy Weatherall

Twitter: @TLWeatherall

The Other Inheritance

by Rebecca Jaycox

Twitter: @RebeccaJaycox

The Promised Land

by Roberta Kagan

Twitter: @robertakagan

The Throne of David

by Ann Farnsworth

Twitter: @AnnFarnsworth

The Widow's Window

by Christi Williams

Twitter: @WriterChristi

Tricky Wisdom

by Camryn Eyde

Twitter: @camryneyde

What You Wish For

by Gina Wynn

Twitter: @Gina_wynn

There are 45 books, and you may vote for up to 40 of them...

Each Day!

Yes, each and every day!