Amazon Is Ignoring 16K Book Lovers

I've blogged about this before, and it's time to do it again. Amazon is ignoring the collected voice of thousands of readers. Are you upset by reviews being taken down because you supposedly have a personal relationship with either your readers or an author?

Then take a look at this petition update.

I sent an email to the two execs listed in the update. Here's the text of my email.


In this 21st century, authors and readers have a relationship. Not the personal kind that you are trying to block, but a relationship nonetheless. Your efforts to block such relationships means taking away legit reviews from honest reviewers. Your policing is unfair, and we kindly ask that you change your policy.

Find another way to do it without hurting hard working authors and the honest reviewers who are supporting them. And, yes, part of that support comes in the form of following them on social media and other forms of contact that you might be tracking.

Your algorithm is broken. It needs some TLC at the least. Better would be to scrap it and start over.

Are you going to send a similar email?