Sponsor an Amazon gift card giveaway. It only costs $10. pic.twitter.com/2AVlNgK6UO

Sponsor a gift card giveaway.

It only costs $10, though it's worth at least $20.

$5 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway included in the price.

Why do this?

Because when there is money being given away, more people check it out than a regular promo (without money involved). Plus, I'm only charging $10. As many tweets as will go out more than makes this deal worth it.

What do you get?

The giveaway post will include a classified promo like this one. (Click to view, again to hide)

In order to make sure there are enough entries, I won't put a limit on the number of tweets that go out. With a regular promo I make sure that there are at least 500 tweets associated with the post. With this giveaway, I will make sure there are at least 1,000 tweets, but ultimately I will not cut off tweets until I am happy with the number of entries, extending the timing of the giveaway as needed.

Pictures similar to the following will be used on Twitter to attract more attention.

Secret Word

Both on the Paypal Form (which is ON THIS PAGE, not the Paypal website) as well as the Google form, we ask for a secret word. We use this to match up your payment with your package details you submit via form. Choose something other authors aren't likely to choose — perhaps something unique to either you or one of your books.

~ Only $10 ~
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Secret Word:

Once you have paid, 
to fill out your 
classified promo info.