Make sure everyone had cotton candy. Interview with @mslkz

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Lightning Round

How many voices are in your head as you're writing a scene?

not counting mine at least 3

Flowers or chocolate?

chocolate i never kill things as gifts, just my characters

You're about to be executed for a crime you didn't commit. What do you want as your last meal?

I'd ask for a carnival and make sure everyone had cotton candy

Serious Round

Who is your favorite character in your latest book?

that would be Frank. he is the embodiment of all the good and loving my father raised me to respect and he is a loving soul. frank represented all sides of the story for me and facing his own mortality seasoned him deeper.

Would you ever write a book with a taboo or controversial subject matter that you knew would offend some of your readers?

trust me i just did. I believe people need to face themselves to grow and if they do it in a book it isn't as painful, because they aren't standing naked by the side of their reality highway shocked to be discovered.

Wacky Question

Do you put forth the effort to make up the stories or do they just randomly appear in your mind in totality?

My stories come to me like movies in my head. I watch them and get a comfortable feeling, then begin to write and in time become very attached to the characters and their plot. the hardest thing is finishing a book and leaving them behind.

Author Bio

Born into a family late in life, I have always been attached to the 1930’s and 40’s, even though I was a child of the Woodstock loving 70’s. Writing has always been my sidekick from an early age, and in 1991 I became a ghostwriter, which then continued to my own books. Raised with values of an open mind, open heart and open door I firmly believe we are all in this life together, walking the same road home. I also believe there was a rewrite in OZ when Dorothy was asked what her hearts desire was, because she had to have said, “There’s nothing like reading, nothing like reading” before she clicked her heels.