Authors, showcase your descriptive POWER. #Free book ad for qualifying entries.

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All right, writing masters, let's see who has the chops for description.

Your mission, should you accept the challenge, is to describe one of the following:

  • Fight sequence
  • Love making (please not X-rated)
  • A beautiful landscape
  • A female heroine
  • A male hero
  • An evil antagonist
  • An antagonist who isn't so evil
  • A protagonist who has a dark side
  • A protagonist no one understands
  • Something of your choosing (specify)

Let's shoot for at least 50 words but no more than 150, an average of 100 words being ideal. Everyone who has a passingly decent descriptive paragraph will get highlighted on the site with a free book ad included in the post (cover and title linking to Amazon).

I'm not sure exactly how I will do this next part. It may depend on how many entries come in. In any case, one entry will be deemed the winner, and that author will get a full-fledged promo on the site, currently worth $25.

If you write some description of your own theme, please be specific but concise. Random pieces of description probably won't be chosen as a final winner.

Also, please make your description generic. It shouldn't just be an excerpt from your novel. Please take a minute or two and write something original. If it's obviously not original, I may not even highlight it. The final decision will be mine and mine alone.