Caught between everything they believe and an undeniable force... @AuthorLJBaker #romance

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Caught between everything they believe and an undeniable force, not even love might be enough.


Bound Together, book 1

by LJ Baker

Genre/Keyword(s): Romance, Paranormal, Urban, Vampire, fantasy, post-apocalyptic




With vampires running the world and humans little more than a source of food, romance between the Vampire King and a human was the last thing either expected. Or wanted. Yet somehow, the universe is pulling them together, forcing them into each others lives, and hearts. But nothing is as simple as it might seem. Alexander and Ari have to fight against unknown forces, their own people, and even family to be together.


“All of you standing before me now…” Alexander Morgan swept his arms across the group of about twenty frightened and tattered humans, and continued in an amused English accent, “have a choice. You can live among our kind and learn your place as inferior beings, or you may die.” He spat the last word out with both disgust and something that might be described as lust. A curved smile spread across his deep red lips as his eyes settled on a thin, blond girl with bright blue eyes. She was huddled close to what could have been a carbon copy of her in male form, and was surrounded by several other raggedy humans with fear in their eyes.

Alexander enjoyed their terror, probably a little too much. He never had much use for humans, even before the Great War. They were weak, easily broken creatures, who were bent on destroying themselves and the world, for the most selfish of reasons. He had been born royalty. A vampire by birth, something that was not a common occurrence. It made him special, even among other such superior beings, and he felt every bit as powerful as he was.

The small blond waif stared up at him with defiance. She was not like her friends who cowered down and avoided looking into his eyes. She met them straight on, almost daring him to take notice. His smile widened and he knew that she would provide him with continued amusement.

There was something familiar about the girl and her over-sized blue eyes, that Alexander couldn’t quite place. It was enough to get his attention and make him want to know more, but at the same time, a small voice in his head warned him to keep his distance. Yet despite his better judgment, he gave in to the energy that pulled at him from her small frame and quickly scanned her mind for any recognition. He found none.

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