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Love's Forbidden Embrace

Volkoff Pack

Written by S.R. Roddy

Genre(s): Paranormal Romance


Disclaimer: Price subject to change without notice.



Warning: This book contains sexual content between a vampire and werewolf.

On a mission to find information pertaining to the purist sect threatening her best friend, Hailey accepts the summons of the European council. Answers are not as forthcoming as she hoped. Instead, she is faced with conspiracies at every turn. Trapped in a world, she doesn't understand or hold proper defenses for, she must turn to Dante for protection. The only man she has ever loved, and the one man she can never trust.

Angered that Hailey ignored his wishes, and came to Europe, Dante allows his emotions to lead him and puts them both in danger. With conspiracies at every turn, it's only a matter of time before betrayal becomes the word of the day. Who can he trust with the most precious thing in the world to him? He has loved her for only decades, but he would give away all his centuries of existence to finally hold her in his arms. The only way to protect her is to never claim her, but will that decision put them in even more danger?

Volkoff Pack:
#0.5 A Fool's Heart - Coming Soon
#1 Tonight's Desire - Out Now
#2 Love's Forbidden Embrace - Presale
#3 Love Combined - Summer 2015

An excerpt from

Love's Forbidden Embrace

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Fans are saying

about the first book

Dang, What a book!

You can honestly say that you are a gifted writer, S.R. This was a GREAT book! I love paranormal books. This was paranormal and a mystery. I have read it all in well, almost, one sitting! I am so happy that I found another great author to add to my short list.

But, I read many more books from great authors like you my list will become very long indeed!! Thank you for my enjoyment this afternoon. Please let me know when to expect another Best Seller!

— Tarri

Wow! Highly impressed!

I haven't read many shifter books as the ones I read were rather all the same generic storyline. This was an EXCELLENT change of pace. I enjoyed reading it as it had a story fairly easy to follow but not the same old same old shifter book.

I look forward to reading more of this series. I'd love to see a prequel to the series, but will be happy if the rest of the books have a bit of background in them.

— DawnieD

Author Bio

S.R. Roddy

Married with five children, three cats and one very large dog S.R. Roddy lives happily in a small town north of Austin, Tx. She is an ordinary housewife who spends most of her day homeschooling her two remaining teenage children.

 From a young age she discovered a deep love for books that has encouraged her vivid imagination and touched her romantic spirit. With the help and support of her family she spends her spare time writing with the desire to share her creativity with other readers like herself.

An avid reader, she will read any genre if she's drawn to the story line. She enjoys a good mystery, but her true love is romance. It doesn't have to be a HEA for her to enjoy it; at times she even prefers it not to be. Historical and paranormal romances have become her favorite over the years, each satisfying a need inside her to experience a new world and adventure.