"Give this story a chance and it might surprise you too." #Kindle #BookReview

Zombie Bible: Death has come up into our Windows

by Stant Litore

Genre: Horror

Book Synopsis

595 BC. God is weeping behind her veil in the Temple while the dead are eating her city, and her cries emerge through the lips of the prophet Yirmiyahu. Trapped in a dry well while his gaolers toss zombies in after him, the prophet will have to survive the hungry dead, dehydration, and some truly wrenching memories -- memories of atrocities witnessed, lives lost, and sacrifices made that shatter the heart. This is the first installment of The Zombie Bible; it's full of violence, passion, religious clashes, and the irrevocable moaning of the walking dead. Read this story. It has teeth. And heart.

Bec's Rating

Bec's Review

I have to admit. I nearly didn’t finish this book. Around the 20% mark I was becoming very unsure as to whether I wanted to keep reading it, and in fact turned to other reviews to help me decide. Being non religious, I struggle to read books with heavy religious elements, and this book, being based on a bible story, has some religious elements. And yet I did keep reading and boy am I glad that I did.

Much like other alternate history books (such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), this book takes an existing tale and changes it to include the walking dead. The story in question is of Jeremiah, who was thrown down the well. This might seem worrying and controversial to some, after all wouldn’t those who enjoy zombie stories want them to be free of religion? And wouldn’t the religious want their stories free of zombies?

And yet this book manages to merge the two in a very tasteful manner. The religious elements are just an element of the story, they are not overwhelming or made a mockery of. You are dealing with one man’s faith in the face of the perils of zombies rising against his town, and of his people refusing to listen to him. It is a compelling story and one I enjoyed, despite being non religious. I believe this story is written in such a manner that those it risks offending through its very premise, zombies in a religious story, would actually be surprised to find themselves enjoying it, much as I did. Give this story a chance and it might surprise you too.

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for children due to violence and sex.