"It was exciting, and suitably horrible." #Kindle #BookReview


by Adrian Price

Genre: Horror, Short Story

Book Synopsis

An excellent bite sized read! A sudden string of disappearances at Buffalo Lake is enough cause for panic for the people of Buffalo Bend, but they have even more to fear when a far greater mystery is uncovered during the investigation at the lake.

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Sharon's Rating

Sharon's Review

This was a very fast read. It's a short story, so a lot of information had to be crammed in 8 chapters. Three boys go fishing on Buffalo lake. Only one comes back. When the lake is searched for the missing boys, the searchers disappear beneath the waves. The lake is drained, and what is found there, is the stuff of nightmares - hence the horror genre. The story leaves off at a critical point, which sets the reader up for the follow up story.

Beneath is the first instalment of Adrian Price's trilogy, Still Waters. The first part was excellent reading. It was exciting, and suitably horrible, but a bit predictable. I liked the story very much. I await the next one in the trilogy.

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for children due to violence and language.