Book Review #3: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Book Synopsis

Harry Potter and his friends adventures continues with the fourth installment!

Ciel's Rating

Ciel's Review

Now the good stuff has finally started. I am actually very glad Rowling increased the length of her books in order to appreciate the epic tale she’s trying to unfurl, and give justice and pave way to the more complex plot and theme developments as the story progresses. The details of world-building and adventures are ceaseless and coming so fast it’s addicting, and the characters are given considerable depth. It is fun and entertaining to read, comical at times; and even though it’s a simple and easy style of writing (with no huge words or extensive paragraphs) it kept me hooked until the very end of the book.

What Rowling tried (and succeeded) to accomplish in the third book (the narrative style) was carried on and fully realized in her fourth book, making it fun and pleasurable to read. The increasing maturity and complexity of the situations and themes are a big and advantageous change for the series. I feel Rowling has more leeway to write about serious themes as her characters grow up, exploring adult (thoughtful) situations involving critical thinking. In other words, important themes such as “racism” and “class and social” structures get increasing attention in her ‘wizarding’ world. She is finally settling in her niche. I am still amazed at her ability to write the thoughts of a teenager and be spot on in them.

What I liked most about the book are the new concepts and quirky characters she is introducing. Once again, I praise her unending imagination. There is always something new (whether it’s a place, person, or object) to learn about the Harry Potter world, and I can’t help but marvel and be mesmerized by it, wishing I was there to experience it. I like the contrasts and comparisons she is creating in this book; we not only get a glimpse at how magic is taught at one school, but at several ones, and how students respond differently to a task or obstacle at hand.

The main plot for the fourth one is very interesting and “adventurous”. I loved the twisted (and scary) ending. It definitely holds promises for what comes next!

Disclaimer: May not be appropriate for children due to violence.