"This book represents us all." FAT GIRL by @KLMontgomery8 #chicklit #romance

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Fat Girl

Written by K.L. Montgomery

Genre(s): chick lit, romance, BBW



Claire Sterling wants a new body to go along with her new life.

She's used to roller coasters. Her weight has been on one for years, and now her entire life is flying off the track. Divorcing in the wake of her husband's affair, moving back home to the Delaware beaches, landing her dream writing gig, braving the online dating world, and facing the big 4-0 are enough to make anyone's head spin. Claire believes it's the perfect time to reinvent herself despite her greatest fear: that she's destined to be a fat girl forever.

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Fans are saying

This book represents us all

I loved this book. As someone who has struggled with my weight over the years, I can completely relate to Claire and her woes about her size.

Claire is turning 40, and newly separated from her husband and living back in her childhood home- where all was NOT rosy for her growing up. That struggle is something else I can relate to.

Parts of the book made me seriously laugh out loud, and at times I felt ashamed and angry for her situations with past demons, men, and family strife.

I think Claire and "Fat Girl" are timely with all the bullying and fat shaming in society right now, and truly, this is a novel we can all relate to in one regard or another. Whether it is dealing with weight problems, family dynamics, or the perils of navigating the dating world- there is a part of Claire in all of us!

The writer's style was like sitting down for coffee with an old friend- very welcoming and easy to get into. I highly recommend this novel!

Another great read from K.L. Montgomery!

This book is more than a story about one women's struggle with being over weight. It touches on aspects that can relate to single mothers, divorcees, daughters, people with weight concerns, and the list goes on.

Claire is a very funny girl. There were many times that I laughed out loud and had to wipe tears of laugher from my eyes. Though it's not a romance book it talks about the struggles with dating and being "middle aged" as well as being over weight and struggling with self-efficacy issues.

The book is a engaging and keeps the reader wanting more. I was both happy and sad to reach the end. Happy because K.L. Montgomery does an excellent job of wrapping up the story lines and sad because it was just simply, the end.

— Leanne

Author Bio

K.L. Montgomery

K.L. Montgomery grew up in Greencastle, Indiana. She studied psychology and library science at Indiana University. After a career as a librarian, she now writes novels and wrangles three sons and three cats at her home in rural Delaware which she shares with her partner Mike and the aforementioned creatures. She has an undying love of Broadway musicals, the beach, the color teal, IU basketball, paisleys, and dark chocolate.

You can follow her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GreenCastles or on Twitter (@KLMontgomery8).