April's Cover Wars: Honorable Mentions

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April's Honorable Mentions

The following books didn't make it to the final, 
but they are worth noting again. 
Let's give a round of applause to the following covers. 
See anything you'd like to read?
(All covers link to Amazon.com)

To vote in the final round for April, click HERE.

An Indecent Charade

by Alicia Quigley

Twitter: @QuigleyAlicia

Forbidden Future

by The Masquerade Crew

Twitter: @MasqCrew


by Martin Kee

Twitter: @fersnerfer

Lioness of Kell

by Paul E. Horsman

Twitter: @Graylorne

Menace: The Death Dealer

by Steve Samedi

Twitter: @SteveSamedi


by Tim Mettey

Twitter: @TimMettey

The Anti-Ageing of Harmony Richards

by Fiona Jane Collins

Twitter: @FionaJaneBooks

The Black Parade

by Kyoko M

Twitter: @misskyokom

The Hunted

by C.J. Hart

Twitter: @Renee_Shearer

The Opal Dragon

by James A Calderwood

Twitter: @jamescalderwood