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Customer publicly admits to stealing ebooks via Amazon's lax return policy.

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Came across a very interesting post on one of my favorite blogs. (Check it out HERE.) Anyway, in a comment on Amazon, a customer admitted to what amounts to stealing. Read the comment for yourself below and then the comments that followed in the stream.

You can find the offending comment HERE. You have to click on Show Post Anyway. Which is where I suggest you go to report this behavior as inappropriate.

Anyway, here's the comment reposted for your convenience.

Riette says:

I find it very unfair of authors to only release part of a story. You would not buy half a burger if you wanted the whole burger.

I can understand giving a few chapters for free (sample) so that the reader can see if she likes the story, and if so, then buy the book. What really gets me is when the blurb does not warn me that the story continues in (as yet) unreleased books, or the first part of the story is in a collection of so called full length novels. If I know the whole story is not yet available, it gives me the option of placing the book on my watch list.

Also, as I read about 10 books a week (I am retired due to ill health), I often cannot remember the parts already read by the time the next book is published.

I find it unfair that the authors take advantage of their readers in this way.

My solution to this is to buy the next book, read it, then return it for a refund. After about a year Amazon blocks the return for refund option. I then simply open another account.

I also return for refund books in which the grammer and spelling is poor.

I suggest other readers start using their buying power to show authors we are not satisfied with this treatment. Hopefully at some stage authors will realize their clients deserve better treatment.

Check out the comments that followed.

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