"Quick and fun paranormal detective story" Arcane Solutions by @Scath #paranormal #fantasy

Arcane Solutions 

Discord Jones #1

Written by Gayla Drummond

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

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Rescuing under-aged vamp bait and retrieving stolen possessions 
is all in a day's work for Discord Jones.

When a gorgeous, lying bastard of an elf hires her to find an ancient book, danger takes on a whole new meaning. The book holds an unbelievably powerful spell, and 'favored prey of demons' becomes an unwelcome addition to her resume.

Book 1 of the Discord Jones series.

Novel of 70,632 word count. Includes Chapter 1 of Book 2: Something to Curse About.

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Arcane Solutions 


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Fans are saying

Arcane Solutions is a quick and fun paranormal detective story recommended for fans of HP Mallory, Kait Nolan, and Charlaine Harris.

It’s refreshing to read a story where everyone doesn’t just calmly accept the paranormal, and the tense relationship Discord has with her step-mother adds some depth to the story.

Gayla Drummond

She writes scifi as G. L. Drummond, fantasy and other things as Gayla Drummond. She believes in writing as well as possible, professional editing, and not flipping out over reviews. Gayla (or if you prefer, G. L.) loves to write and entertain people. 

One of her favorite pursuits is working to rescue animals, and as a result, a pack of five has become part of her family. She loves to ride, and is happy to have two awesome horses. On the human side, two teens claim her as 'Mom', and her life partner is a storm-chasing veteran of twenty-odd years.