Calling all Authors: submit your book to be a prize in The Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge

The following is syndicated from The Mad Reviewer and is posted here with permission.

In my first post about my Reading & Reviewing challenge I mentioned that I would be initiating an open call for writers to submit books.  Well folks, here it is!
If you’re an author I would like you to provide the gift of 1 free ebook for my reading and reviewing challenge.  It doesn’t matter if you’re traditionally published or self-published, a writer who stays in one genre or  someone who writes in multiple genres.  I want all types of books submitted because the people participating in my reviewing challenge are all unique in their reading tastes.
I know what you’re asking now: what do you stand to gain from providing a free book?  There are two main things:
1.  Publicity
I will be publicly listing and thanking all of the authors who provide free books for my challenge participants.  The Mad Reviewer is not a big blog by any means, but I will promote the heck out of my thank you post.  It’s a great chance for exposure because if your book sounds interesting to me, I might just request a copy for myself.
2.  Reviews!
Reviews are a huge thing for authors.  Although I can’t guarantee that if you submit a book you’ll get a review, you stand a much greater chance of getting a review than if you have a ‘free’ day on Amazon.  Why?  Because your book will be going into the hands of someone who has already proven they are an avid reviewer.  Every single person in my reading challenge has to write a review for the books they’ve read to prove they have read them.  Some people aimed for the top level of 104 books read and reviewed, others achieved the 12 books read and reviewed.  Either way, your chances of getting a review are much higher because depending on how many submissions I get, the winners of my challenge will be picking the books they would like.  If you’re interested in a book to start with, you’re probably going to enjoy it and in turn, review it.  It’s a win-win for authors and reviewers.
If you would like to submit a book as a prize, please comment on this post with your name (or pen name), the title of the book you’d like to submit, a blurb and a link to Amazon and/or Goodreads.  I’m keeping a spreadsheet of all of the authors who submit their books and I’ll be sending it to the winner and the three runners up.  They can choose which books they like and I’ll let you know if your book has been chosen as well as what format the winner would prefer.
Thank you so much and I hope to be in contact soon.

NOTE: if you have submitted your book on Carrie's original post, there's no reason to do so again on this site. She's only keeping one spreadsheet (I assume).