@LucyPireel talks Fairy Tales...gone wrong #fantasy


A selection of the collected work by Lucy Pireel
(Novelist and writer of short fiction)

Do you like fairy tales? Fairy tales how they originally were, before Disney took them over?

RED GONE BAD. Once upon a time...Little Red Riding Hood took matters in her own hands. The miller's daughter struck a flawed deal with Rumpelstiltsken. In these­­ and two more ­­twisted fairy tales, there are no happy endings.

From a review on Amazon

"Definitely not for children, this collection turns the traditional fairy story on its head in a series of punchy, easy to read tales with more of a horror undertone than bedtime story. It's a clever ideathat manages to blend modern excess and avarice against a background of princes, wicked stepmothers, and wolves who have clearly met their match. Concise, witty writing and unexpected, shocking twists ensure that you have to read each of these dark stories to conclusion." by Bookworm

If reading about all the dark things lurking in human nature is your preferred reading material, A MENU OF DEATH is right up your alley. Although you never know what awaits you in the dark. These eight short stories explore the dark that lies under the veneer of humanity. Tales that make you think and maybe shiver.

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"I found intelligence, urgency and joy in the writing, although joy might seem a strange word to describe stories which revel in the macabre and chilling death. But there is a joy in LP's writing. I sense she enjoys being in the story, racing along with it, enjoying the hunt as the words do her bidding and form its lithe and active shape. And so it is a pleasure to experience the outcome. The stance of her stories often challenge the conventional, morally and physically. Her variations on her theme are pleasing because you never quiet know what's coming next. You don't learn to write like this on a course. It is in you or it is not. And it is in LP." by r j askew

If angels and demons and all things magic draw you in, HEAVEN'S CLOSED might be the read for you.

From a review on Amazon

"Never going for the obvious and keeping her reader on their toes this is masterful story telling." by ChristophFischerBooks

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