Blogger Banter #11: Cassandra (@closkot) at Lost in Books!

The art of gossiping, gabbing and chatting with awesome book bloggers!

Today, I'm featuring the paranormal-fangirlin', book-whorin', unicorn-adorin', 

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**DeeJay's Comments**


11,000 hits per month and growing :) Loving it :)

GFC: 62
Bloglovin’: 97
Networked Blogs: 16
Linky Followers: 11
Google +: 206
Twitter: 3044
Facebook: 759
Goodreads: 609


Blogging Since? March 2013
Lives in? USA in Arkansas
Solo (blogger), duo, trio...? Solo - Cassandra Loskot (but who knows in the future)
Print or eBooks? both
Average number of books read a month? Varies based on time of year and length of books 8 to 20 (summer when teachers are out of school)
Favorite Genre? Paranormal Romance
Book Boyfriend? Ooo, I love them all! As the saying goes, I’m a book whore.
Rating System? Unicorns :) (1 Unicorn - Not me couldn’t read it, 2 Unicorns - Not the intended reader for the book, but I see who would love it, 3 Unicorns - I liked it!!, 4 Unicorns - I really liked it!!, and 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!) I usually know when choosing a book that I will at least like it. I don’t promise reviews if it isn’t something that peaks my interest in some way.


What was the very first post you ever made on Lost In Books

It was a review of Beautiful Creatures with no picture or anything (Not my greatest post…lol) Check it out HERE!

What was the first book you ever reviewed?

Eragon by Christopher Paolini. This was way before I started blogging and at the time I wrote very short reviews. I didn’t think my opinion mattered at the time…not that it does now, I just like helping put it out there because it might help someone find a book they absolutely love :) Read the review on Goodreads!

I loved Eragon as well so good choice for a first review! And never think your opinion doesn't count. EVERY review counts in some way :)

Where is your favorite place to read? What’s your favorite snack to eat while reading? 

Favorite place to read is snuggled into my bed where I don’t get too distracted, and sometimes my son will lay next to me and read too! I don’t usually eat while reading because I’m not that coordinated, but when I take a break its munching on Special K dry :) or after dinner a creamy coconut fruit bar (kind of like ice cream on a stick). Bed is like the ultimate utopia for reading! Love it :)

If Lost In Books had a theme song, what would it be? 

It doesn’t have one, but anything my Amethystium works especially "Fairyland" ;) which reminds me of the movie Legend that was magically and had unicorns :) I especially love instrumentals as well :)

Do you review Indie books? Why or why not?

Yes, I have found fabulous books by both indie writers and those traditionally published. I don’t care which way it is published. It just has to get my attention before I read it :) Same here. I read both and as long as the genre interests me, I'm all good!

How often do you visit the library?

The library at the high school at least once a week.

 What are some books that you are dying to read in 2014?

OMG there are so many past and future that I want to read. Looking forward to reading the Zoe and Zak adventure series (Goodreads), and Lanie Jordan’s next book for sure because the series rocks :) (Goodreads) and Wrath of Potter by Stephanie Jackson and so many more I don’t have time to list them :)

Do you follow Candace's Book Blog? She tours the Zoe and Zak series and is hosting sign-ups right now for the second book. Not sure if you knew already, but here's the link if not! Click here!

What is the BEST thing about being a book blogger? The WORST? 

Best thing about being a blogger is connecting with other readers and authors over our love of books :) I love helping out :) Agreed! The worst is when I have to say no to a review because I don’t have time or because it isn’t something that interests me, but I will usually offer a book spotlight instead :)

Lots of bloggers are finding it more and more difficult to maintain a blog and keep up with real life demands at the same time. How do you manage blogging and real life?

Hmmm this is tough! I have a 12 year old son who tends to want to play video games or with his friends, so I fill my time outside of work with reading every chance I get :) I probably don’t do a great job with time management (I’m easily distracted…seems to get worse as I get older…lol)

If you were an alien from another planet, name five things that you would bring to Earth!

I would bring my pet unicorn, my transporter so I could go anywhere in a flash, my flying dragon because that’s how I would travel when not using my transporter, my family, and my invisibility shield in case I get in a tough jam and need to escape because people from Earth aren’t usually that nice to people who are different ;) Haha. I liked the way you slipped that in there. So true though! Great list!

Thanks so much, Cassandra! It's been fun!


On the next Blogger Banter, I'll be chatting with Mary at Book Hounds! Merry Christmas and see you all in the new year!