Don't follow the slanderous example of @EmilyLByrne and @clundoff

Most people who know me — online and off — would probably agree that although I can be difficult to get along with at times, I'm a decent guy overall. If someone disagrees with me, that's fine. If they don't want to follow my tweets, this blog, etc ... that's also fine.

I lose followers everyday for a variety of reasons. I don't usually make a stink.

What I will not allow without a fight is publicly slandering my reputation, especially when your interpretation is so far off the mark.

A little background

My main Twitter account serves as the main gateway for The Masquerade Crew, but it also serves as my personal Twitter account. Most of the time when I have conversations on Twitter, it's via the main account.

Because of that and the fact that the main account promotes everything on this blog and random stuff on Twitter, the opinions expressed are all over the board, some my own and others that I would disagree with to such an opposite extent.

Some of this is by design since I don't usually shut off other people's opinions. We all have a right to our opinions. After all, this site is full of opinions—from the reviews to the rants and guest posts.

We don't allow our reviewers to slander or spread hateful words about books or authors. But when someone does it to me, I will not stand by and say nothing.

My opinions via Tweets

I saw some tweets about abortion. Perhaps it was a bad decision in retrospect, but I decided to voice my opinion, not in the same convo, just in general. Here are the results.

The following tweet is what really got things going. But more about that later.

Judgement and Slander

I don't know the exact timing of things, but in any case, the following tweet shows that she didn't read my tweets in reply to her. Or at least investigate before pronouncing judgement on me.

What I was trying to say is that the possibility with the loss of life is there regardless of where your opinion falls. I think my opinion allows for the least amount of life lost overall, but if you think a woman's life is more important than an unborn child, you have the right to that opinion.

I think life is precious regardless if it's the mother or the unborn baby. Making decisions with the purpose of protecting both sounds logical to me.

Slander grows

Both accounts blocked me, which is OK ... but I don't like the idea that they publicly denounced me for something that neither one of them investigated. Hence the reason for this post.

The account that started the slander accused me of promoting hatred. If you feel my comments are filled with hate, I feel sorry for you because if you look at my opinion in its entirety, I believe my stance is one of love and mutual respect ... for mother and for unborn child.

Interestingly, the conversation between me and Kate (mentioned above) has remained civil at the time of writing this post ... and our opinions differ greatly. There's no need to immediately shut someone off just because you disagree with them. Talk with them and perhaps you will find more than meets the eye. Or at least decide to disagree in peace.

Another reason for this post is to make it public ... since my tweets may have an effect on The Masquerade Crew as a whole. I strive to be a tolerate person, and since I don't make it a habit of going around talking about others, that means my opinions shouldn't be slandered and misinterpreted either ... not without me responding, which I do with the power of this blog.

I welcome your opinion, even if you strongly disagree with me. Just don't spread falsehoods and hatred.