Signing up for Cover Wars costs as little as $5

As mentioned previously, there is no theme for Cover Wars and the Scavenger Hunt in December. So, anyone is welcome to enter. Does your cover have what it takes? Or do you have the social reach to go all the way?

The Holidays cost a lot of money, so if all you want is a little extra exposure for your book during the final weeks of the holiday season (the month of December), you can sign up for Cover Wars for as little as $5.

Of course, all you get for $5 is entry into Cover Wars, not the Scavenger Hunt. Combining the Scavenger Hunt with Cover Wars will cost what it has in the past: $15. 

What do you get if you win?

There are two options for prizes: more promotion on this site—promo post, tweets to promote that post, and a few tweets to promote the book directly on Amazon. The second option is to get your money back. In fact, I'll throw in an extra $5. To state it clearly, if you pay $5 to get in, you get $10 back. If you pay $15 to get in the Cover Wars competition (and Scavenger Hunt), you get $20 back. 

How does Cover Wars work?

The power behind Cover Wars is the community driven traffic. You bring your family, friends, and anyone else you can get—have them come to the site to vote for your book every day. By doing this you are helping your fellow competitors. Exposure for all!

Yes, someone will win something (either more promotion or some money back), but the exposure factor cannot be denied.

How does the Scavenger Hunt work?

Each scavenger will be encouraged to check out each book in the competition. They go to your book's Amazon page and answer a question about your book for a chance at a gift card. 

They can also choose to follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook, not to mention check out your blog to answer another scavenger hunt question. Once again the exposure factor cannot be ignored. 

Packages for any budget

  1. Entry into Cover Wars only (not the Scavenger Hunt)
  2. Entry into Cover Wars and the Scavenger Hunt.  
  3. Package 2 contents plus a promo post and one round of long term Twitter marketing to promote that post. 
  4. Everything that comes with Package 3 plus one round of long term Twitter marketing to directly promote your book on Amazon. ($5 off if you bought the Amazon tweets separately)

Link to your book on Amazon
Contact Email

Very Important Note: If your Paypal email is different than your contact email, please provide the email you would like me to use to contact you. Otherwise I will email the address you provide to Paypal. Unless you email me first, you won't hear from me until probably the third week of November or soon after.