Why @SaffronBryant recommends you join our review crew.

As part of our Join Our Review Crew week, we are featuring a few of our reviewers. We asked them to write a short little something something. In fact, here were DeeJay's quote/unquote instructions:

"Talk about your experience as a Crew member, your fave reads and reviews, why others should join, whatever."

Today we are featuring @SaffronBryant.

So far we've featured @LordWalkiWolf and @belindafidler. Check out the posts here and here.

"The masquerade crew is a fantastic community for both readers and authors. As a lover of all books it’s been a great experience for me because I am given the opportunity to read a huge range of books in exchange for fair and honest reviews.

As an author the Crew has given me an opportunity to submit my own book for review which was fantastic!

Aside from those benefits (which are more than enough reason to join anyway), the Crew is also a great way to get to know fellow readers/authors, discuss books, publishing and a range of other things. On top of that the Crew always has new posts relevant to Indie Authors which I have found very helpful.

So, if you are an indie author (or just a reader) I would strongly recommend you join the Crew, even just for the opportunity to be part of a community that ‘gets’ you.

:) Happy reading/writing,"

If you would like to have similar experiences (hopefully), join our review crew.