MEET Bella (@BoomBaby83), Our New Indie Interviewer


Tell everyone a little bit about yourself.
There's a whole helluva lotta voices in my head. Sometimes I'm me, sometimes I'm other versions of me. Around here I'll be Bella, and maybe sometimes Mia. The me I am outside the computer is a stay at home mother and wife with lots of animals. A New England Yankee transplanted into Alabama clay who is working to show them all down here what rebel really means.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Books?
Piers Anthony and Terry Brooks are favorites for nostalgia's sake. In the big publishing world, I love Joe Abercrombie. In the indie world, I'm all about Diantha Jones although I'm gonna sound like such a suck-up saying that... And then Lisa Eugene and Jeffrey Poole. Individual books, "The Scar" by Sergei and Maria Lukyanenko and The Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Anne Pierce. Michael Kortya and Thaddeus White are quickly ascending.

What are your favorite genres of books to read?
Epic Fantasy holds a dear place in my heart, but I really like just about anything that grabs me.

Besides reading, what other talents or hobbies do you have?
I like to think I can lace a decent word or two together. Sometimes I can draw, sew, sing, and dance.

How excited are you to be a part of the Masquerade Crew?

...No, really we are ;)