Quantum Gate by @openchannelsaga #scifi #excerpt

Quantum Gate

Open Channel 

by Daniel Betts

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Fleet

A nefarious gang of pirates challenges the advanced defenses of an ancient orbital space platform. Recently promoted, Captain Jason Drake inadvertently flies his brand new ship and fresh crew into the center of a pirate vendetta. 

Looking to escape the carnage of a galactic war, biomechanical beings are tricked into performing a perilous mission that could end the slaughter in their home galaxy. Three powerful forces meet in the orbit of Neptune to seal the fate of humanity. 

An excerpt from

Quantum Gate 

Tendrils of lighting snake away from a dark circular event horizon forming above a bright blue and white world. In the distance, a single red moon appears to observe, its cratered landscape mimicking a sad face.

A golden dragon soars through the center of the sparking maelstrom, performing a lively double barrel roll.

The parking portal flashes and extinguishes.

The dragon, the light from a yellow sun glinting off its shiny golden scales, dramatically flaps its leathery appearing wings while moving its knobby head from side to side, scanning the space around it with glowing blue eyes.

Its jaws snap open and a brief flash emits from the back of it throat. A blue streak of light exits the golden dragon's mouth.

The streak enters the gravity well of the planet and slides into a low orbit. Slowing, it reveals itself to be a silver cylinder with rounded ends and dozens of whisker like antennae.

The gold dragon soars forward, suddenly spins about and holds its position, wings outstretched. It looks out at the velvet expanse of space filled with distant stars. The dragon's blue eyes suddenly widen, its jaw dropping in awe.

Space is suddenly filled with thousands of sparking jump portals, a unique dragon gliding smoothly through each swirling event horizon.

THe gold dragon nods its head with approval, but suddenly appears to gasp once more.

A monumental jump portal flashes and sparks into existence. Long blue tendrils of energy twist and snake about a circular black event horizon menacingly.