Syndication — The Easiest Way to Guest Post for Us

I'm looking for content and lots of it. Despite all the new kinds of blog posts that I've introduced recently, there are still days that I'm low on content.

Why all the fuss?

You might be asking that very question. After all, in recent history there has been a post from us every day—sometimes two or three a day. Why am I blogging so much?

There's lots of answers to that question, but the one that matters today is this: I need content to drive traffic, which in turn will encourage people to donate (for promotional services), which in turn will fund some of my long-term goals. And I'm not talking about working from home. That's just a benefit. No, I need money to further my mission of helping self-published authors.

I'll be honest, though. It isn't all about them. I would like to self-publish in the not-so-distant future, and my thinking is this: the best way to learn how to do it for myself is to do it for others first.

I'll blog later about some of the things I would like to do with the money that's coming in from donations, but for now, back to the traffic.


I want to promote authors. I want to network with authors. I want to learn from authors. I want to syndicate your content, integrate it into our network, and thereby slightly innovate the way authors promote themselves. Basically, I'm talking about guest posting—that's what the syndication part is all about.

Integrating you into our network means promoting you on a regular basis. The innovation aspect isn't really that innovative. Others do it. Maybe not exactly how I'm going to do it, but the end result is the same. Your content will become one of the driving forces of my promotional efforts. Not only will I be promoting you, but it will give me more opportunities to promote everyone else a little more.

What I'm asking you to do

What I'm not asking you to do is write new content for us. If you're interested in writing new content for us, even on a super regular basis, that's cool, but that's another post for another day. No, I'm talking about the content you've already written.

"But duplicate content is bad!"

This was so not too long ago, but I think the culture of the internet is shifting. It's not as taboo to have the same content in multiple places. In fact, from my limited research, I think it might even help your SEO efforts. Of course, opinions differ, and I'm no expert by any means. I'm learning as I go.

Of course, I'll link to you. If you have a book, I'd be happy to promote it as part of the post. And this has got to be one of the easiest ways to guest post for us or anyone else. Simply send me an email — msl_007 {AT} live {DOT} com — with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your Twitter Handle
  • The URL of the post you would like me to repost
  • A link to your book that you would like me to promote
  • Any other pertinent info you would like included

The subject of the email should be Syndication. Otherwise I will probably lose it, which severely decreases your chances of being featured on our site. Also, please send a separate email for each post. Once I have posted something from an email, I will probably throw that email into another location. It will be easier for me to just move on to the next email in line rather than remembering that I have another one of your posts to feature. This will also allow me to post out of order as I don't want to focus too heavily on one person. But, you are more than welcome to submit as many posts as you would like—the more, the merrier.

There is not going to be a regular schedule for these posts. I simply would like access to content that I can use anytime I don't have a regular post scheduled. Guest posting is easier for me than most of my other posts, so it will also be a good back up for me when I'm tight on time.

What should your post be about?

Here are the following subjects I'm interested in:

  • Tips
    • General Writing Tips
    • Brainstorming Tips
    • Editing Tips
    • Self-Publishing Tips
    • Marketing Tips
    • Other general tips authors might find interesting
  • Posts that describe your life as a writer
  • Posts that describe your journey of publishing (especially self-publishing)
  • Book Reviews (preferably Indie/self published authors)
  • If all else fails, posts that deal with books, writing, or publishing