7 paid services available to you for your donation.

I've been hinting about this for a while, both by tweet and blog post. Here I will outline a few details about the upcoming donation arrangement. I call it a donation arrangement even though it isn't. Our traffic is up enough that it is time to offer some targeted marketing packages (which will be paid for by PayPal donations).

"I don't pay for advertising," you may be saying. But don't stop reading just yet—we will give you a BIG BANG for your buck. And what's more ... all of your donations get funneled back in to fund other Indie projects. I've got some ideas for things I would like to do, but I need a little bit of cash to do them.

At some point in the future I hope to take a salary from the site's funds so that I can devote more time to this venture, but you will know when this happens and how much I will be taking. Until then, everything goes to the project itself.

How much should you donate?

How much you got? Just kidding. Seriously, though, I would recommend a donation of at least $5. Here's why: I lose a little bit of your donation to PayPal fees, which is OK (they have to make a little bit too). At $5 and above, I will count your donation in full toward services, meaning if you donate $5, you get $5 worth of services. If you donate less than $5, you get what your donation is worth AFTER fees are taken out.

Also, I suggest that you donate in increments of $5, so it would be better to donate one of the following amounts: $5, $10, $15, etc....

How to get an extra $5 worth of services

If you donate $25, I'll count it as $30. If you donate $50, I'll count it as $60. It's that simple. When you donate $100, I'll double the match, meaning your $100 donation will count as $140.

What do you get for your donation?

I'll blog about each of these separately in the future, but for now a simple list will give you a taste of what's to come.
  1. Top Level Ad Space
  2. Scroller Book Promotion
  3. Side Bar Book Promotion
  4. Novel Bits
  5. Twitter Marketing Campaigns
  6. Extended Amazon Shout Out Campaigns
  7. Dollar Bumps (read more below)

Dollar Bump Auction

There was enough negative feedback from the idea to bump people up on the book review waiting list that I'm going to hold on that idea for now. However, I will bump people up on other promtoional lists. For example, if you are waiting to be featured via Featured Followers, Amazon Shout Outs, Book Trailier Promotions, Sample Sunday, or Saturday Shorts, a dollar donation will bump you up to the top of the list.

Remember: I recommend donating at least $5, so in that case you can bump yourself up on all 5 types or ...

If more than one person wants to be bumped up at the same time, whoever donates more will get featured first. Where this might play out is if we have a waiting list form under the dollar bump. An additional dollar will get you featured ahead of all the dollar bumps. It's a supply and demand thing. If enough people want to be featured on the site, donations will determine the order of the feature. More details on this aspect as it becomes necessary.

I will also continue to brainstorm ways to use Dollar Bumps so that everyone has plenty of ways to use a $5 or $10 donation without having to play the auction game if they don't want to. Stay tuned.