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Right now I'm a non-traditional student (yes old) and working towards my PhD in History so I can teach the younguns. I am currently neck deep in a YA Fantasy Series called Legends of Green Isle. Book One is out, Book Two "The Mirror Sliver" will be released this Spring. My area of expertise is in French Revolution, WWI and InterWar Europe, Morroco. I've won a couple of literary awards for a poem and short story. :)

A Sampling of Her Blog

In honor of our Military: An Essay on Memorial Day

A couple of years ago, I wrote this little essay about Memorial Day. In honor of those in my family who have served and are serving, friends who have served and others I don’t know, I dedicate this blog post today to them.

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May 17th, 2012 Quake in East Texas: Update to “Are Dreams Able to Predict the Future?”

For those of you who follow my blog, you’ve seen an earlier post on here (March 1, 2012) about two dreams I had which centered around a loud cracking noise under the land and a ghost revealing to me that an earthquake was to hit Texas. Not knowing at that time about fault lines running through the state, I set about researching them. I have since uncovered a great deal of information concerning Texas Fault Lines and the New Madrid Fault which is under the area of the Mississippi River going north towards the Great Lakes. What peaked my interest again, was the fact that last week on May 17th, 2012, a 4.3 earthquake hit East Texas, and hits on my blog rose. Previous to this date of about a week, I noticed a steady trend in people finding my blog by the key words “Texas Fault Lines.” Were there others who were dreaming about the same thing?

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Up-Date on the Adventure of the GRE test!

Well it is over. Yay! I have to tell you it was the most stressful thing I’ve done so far in this saga of continuing my education. While I didn’t take the old format of the GRE, the new one still smoked my brain. I told my boyfriend that if he was there, looking into the camera screen, he would see fumes pouring out my ears, because the cogs in the wheels of my mind were working overtime.

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