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In her own words:

I'm a writer who writers about writing! I've never been published, but I'm working on a ten year old novel that I'm hoping it happens for this year!

A Sampling of Her Blog

Do You (Or Should You) Write Everyday?

Okay, lately I have been managing to write everyday. Wow. I mean everyday. Okay, yesterday it was more like a sentence or two...but for the most part, I've been really getting the pages out and it feels good. And the funny thing is, I've noticed all sorts of bloggers reporting their New Year Resolutions, and I thought of the one I usually make during the year and that is...to write everyday.

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I Give You Permission To Quit

Today, I give you permission to give up.
I give you permission to throw in the towel.
To jog off the path, instead of towards the finish line.
To do what is expected. To do the bare minimum.
To not reach any higher.
To aim for the cellar door.
I give you permission to tell yourself that you're no good.
That you would probably not succeed anyway.

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Why Every Writer Needs A Blog

So, the other day I was struck with this thought:
I have nothing to write for my blog.

I couldn't believe it. I had been going so well for so long when I realized I had nothing to say, I was so frustrated. I can't just go to my blog and talk about nothing (although the thought did cross my mind...)

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