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Kristel Ralston
Author of 
The price of the past

Ten Facts about Kristel Ralston

1) Chai tea latte (Starbucks). As a writer I simply can´t not live without it!

2) Snorkling is as much adventurous as I can get (lol) especially when I go to Galapagos´s Islands. That´s a great way to get inspired.

3) Post-it addict... all libraries´s owners stay away from me or I will go bankrupt soon.

4)Weakness for cute dogs. Just like that. I see one cutie and I wanna take him/her home with me.

5) Rage of Angels, fav book of all times, by Sidney Sheldon. Haven´t read it yet? You´d better go to get it soon. One of the best books of all times.

6) Weakness for Frank Sinatra´s song. Simply like that. It´s Sinatra. No explanations needed.

7)Alice in wonderland fav them to decorate anyplace I feel like... I love Chesire cat.

8) I collect cups from every place I visit

9) Enjoy the misteries of castles. Isn´t great when you feel goosebumps and chills before you enter an old palace and castle in Europe or any other continent? You are missing a great deal if your answer is «no».

10) I have weakness for everything that involves Ireland/Irish ppl. Just feel a magnetic conexion to it... Have you feel every something like that for a place?